Local Government Research meeting: The Focus of AppoTech's Business Development
The local government research meeting began at 16:00 and was chaired by Chuck Cheng, the CEO of AppoTech, and Ming Jiao Chen, the GM of Zhuhai branch. Dong Chen, the CEO’s assistant of AppoTech reported several topics such as the development of AppoTech in recent years, the enterprise business model, the product innovation and technology projects, the cases of corporate intellectual property, the current sales and marketing situation, and the development plan of 2017. CEO Chuck.Cheng expressed his determination to take root in Zhuhai. He also introduced the developmental situation of AAMA to the visiting leaders and announced that AppoTech will sponsor any project or activity of AAMA in Zhuhai. The meeting took place in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. The director of Municipal Committee, Mr. Wong, expressed his interested in AppoTech's products and was very impressed by Mr. Cheng's skills in innovation and enterprise management. Mr. Wong is hoping that AppoTech could maintain the advantage of its independent intellectual property and take the lead to scientific and technological innovation. “Zhuhai municipal government is currently accelerating the transformation of government functions, increasing the protection of intellectual property rights and fully promoting the innovative industrial development. The government will pay long-term attention and give supports to the innovative technology companies like AppoTech ”, said Mr. Wong.